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Oman Across Ages Museum





Oman Across Ages Museum

Oman has a rich tradition along with a magnificent cultural heritage. As a result, the Oman Across Ages Museum (OAAM), takes the visitor on an extended journey through the nation's 800 million year history.

Consequently, the level of complexity and uniqueness of the elements delivered in this Proasur project highlight the very high level of its production chain, from the design to the assembly of the museum elements at the final destination.

Certainly, for Proasur, the OAAM has been challenging in many ways, but difficulty leads to achievement. For example, one of the key points in successfully achieving all objectives was our detailed technical development work. In this way, subsequent engineering, maintenance and operational needs were covered.

On the other hand, the Proasur team deployed its full potential by providing in-depth research and development of new construction systems and customised structures for unique elements. In addition, we collaborated in the conceptual and creative design activities.

Our team also coordinated autonomously and efficiently with various subcontractors for the direct integration of audiovisual media and hardware.

Likewise, we were in charge of the integral management of the logistics of all the elements, as well as the management of machinery, personnel authorisations, training and work permits (either directly or managed through the direct or final client).

In short, this project is a unique opportunity to demonstrate Proasur's know-how in the production of cutting-edge museographic elements. We are delighted to have been part of it and hope its visitors will enjoy the unique experience it offers.

© Photography @OAAM_OMAN

Oman Across Ages Museum

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