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ITER Port Cell Mockup





ITER Port Cell Mock Up, una maqueta desarrollada por Proasur para el diseño de la célula de contención del reactor de fusión nuclear ITER
Vista lateral del ITER Port Cell Mock Up, una maqueta desarrollada por Proasur para el diseño de la célula de contención del reactor de fusión nuclear ITER


The ITER Port Cell Mockup is a full-scale model that allows simulating the real conditions of the ITER project. ITER is an international nuclear fusion project located in the south of France, funded by the governments of its seven member countries. With an investment of $22 billion, it is the largest scientific project in history.

Asturfeito is a leading company in the manufacture of components and equipment. In fact, the company develops several projects in the scientific, energy and aerospace sectors. For example, among its projects is this prototype. It consists of the manufacture of a full-scale model of a diagnostic port of the ITER reactor. This mock-up, in conjunction with a virtual reality system, is used for tests and simulations to validate operations and exposure times prior to the construction of the real equipment under radiation conditions.
Mockups are undoubtedly very useful tools in the development of this type of unique projects as they allow ideas to be tested and validated before investing large amounts of time and resources before their final production. Furthermore, during the creation process of any prototype, it is very important to have a team that offers all its know-how and proactivity. Moreover, it is really necessary to anticipate any problem or need that may arise.
Therefore, under the leadership of our client Asturfeito, from Proasur we have been in charge of the production of this great project. Certainly, this is a unique engineering project with high technical and very specific requirements that our team followed in an extremely rigorous way. However, some of the main challenges for Proasur during the production of this prototype were the complexity of coordinating the production traceability, the coordination of the pre-assembly and the definition of the technical procedures. In addition, our team was responsible for managing the logistics of all the elements in door-to-door shipping conditions, within very specific and limited deadlines.
In conclusion, the ITER Port Cell Mockup project is a clear example of the commitment between Asturfeito and Proasur to innovation and advanced technology.

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