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About Proasur



Our projects comply with current environmental legislation, but we strive to go beyond these legal obligations to ensure sustainability. For this reason, at Proasur we apply an energy efficiency programme in our facilities and an ambitious waste management plan that promotes the use of sustainable and eco-responsible materials and the recycling of materials with the objective of "zero paper".

In addition, we believe that respectful engagement with local communities is very important for the success of our projects and any long-term action.

From Proasur we support the local community in many ways: creating new jobs, encouraging local companies to be part of our supply chain or providing useful training. Given our high internationalisation rate, we indirectly help our suppliers to internationalise part of their production.


Our specialists work to preserve cultural heritage and the intergenerational transmission of history, customs and traditions in the communities where we are present.

Proasur's commitment to caring for the environment is projected from a conscious team, made up of people who share the same set of values, who care about natural habitats and use renewable resources to act for the good of nature.