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After so many years of experience in the logistics of travelling exhibitions with tensile structures and with daily contact with tarpaulins and tensile fabrics, it is no coincidence that Proasur also develops products for textile architecture.

— Textile Materials
Manufacture of lightweight membranes

We work with textile materials, such as lightweight membranes, thanks to our advanced technological solutions.

This is a technical and lightweight membrane that is placed on facades and roofs and avoids transmissions from the existing surface, which facilitates the work in its installation.

The result is a 100% customisable envelope, with a light and modular appearance, which gives a unique character to the space, while providing protection from the sun. Its main application is in the rehabilitation of facades, but it has a multitude of uses.

— Northern Spain
Barrisol Instalers

Barrisol© is a PVC sheet that has been on the market for more than 50 years offering functional solutions for all types of public spaces.

It is a non-flammable material that can be tightened with the application of heat, something that makes it possible to create all kinds of shapes for any type of project, as, as well as offering a great adaptation to the setting, it helps to embellish and decorate it. In Proasur we are official installers and distributors of Barrisol© in the north of Spain, including the communities of Asturias, Basque Country and Cantabria.