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— Museums and Cultural Centres

At Proasur we develop the creative and personalised production of museums, Cultural Centres, Interpretation Centres, Science & Discovery Centres... responding to the needs of each client, project and challenge in any part of the world.

We are a leading company in the development of activities related to museography with more than 30 years of experience in the sector. Our origins date back to the Universal Exhibition of Seville Expo '92, where a group of enterprising professionals came together to give shape to a project that today remains more alive than ever.

A project more alive than ever

Our origins date back to the Universal Exhibition of Seville Expo '92, where a group of enterprising professionals came together to give shape to a project that today remains more alive than ever.

We offer a comprehensive musealisation service or intervene in any phase of a museographic project

Design Development





— Design, Engineering and Development

Proasur, museum solutions

We work with large engineering and design and/or architecture studios at national and international level, offering integral solutions and pre-assembly in our facilities of all the necessary elements for subsequent assembly in the final space.

— Adding Value

Museum Project Management

We take charge of the management of museographic projects and any of the actions that are included in their development. Our project managers supervise the production of all the elements of the project, controlling deadlines and quality. In addition, they ensure that all the specifications established in the design of any content for museums and interpretation centres are set, using the most advanced design and drawing development tools. If so desired, we offer advice on the best way to manufacture each element; an added value that our clients appreciate.

Cost planning is a necessary control tool to detect any deviation during the actual execution of a museum project from the plan.

Our experience allows us to create cost planning for museographic projects so that institutions can implement them and thus successfully achieve their objectives.

If you are interested in having us develop cost planning for you, or have any questions about this service, please contact us.

Good technical development is key, both for design and cultural production. At Proasur we produce graphic design sketches that convey useful ideas in the production process. In addition, through our development engineering team we create precise and detailed technical drawings that visually communicate how something works or should be built before production begins.

— Una puesta de valor

Design of museographic projects

Our main value as a company specialising in the design of museums, interpretation centres, as well as any museographic project, lies in the full availability of material and human resources to cover each and every one of the phases of the process

At Proasur we know that materialising an idea, even the simplest one, involves forcing a vertiginous leap from the mind to the exterior. All museums, interpretation centres and any type of museographic project must show themselves to society as open institutions, as means of communication, as promoters of learning, as tools for raising awareness, consciousness or reflection?

Experience makes a diference

Whether the starting point is a simple idea, an outline or a pre-designed project that has yet to be developed, thanks to our know-how we can wrap museographic content, put it on display and explain it.

Each space has its own personality that has to be found and strengthened in order to wrap it up and entangle it in the story.

For the conception of a museography project, we need exigency as a working partner and satisfaction as proof of quality, that is why:

  • We persevere in respecting and enhancing the value of any element
  • We promote excellence in the sector, demonstrating great social and cultural sensitivity
  • We create attractive and inspiring museum content through imaginative design solutions
  • We apply the latest 3D design tools in our projects

We can also develop the project management of museums and interpretation centres to ensure a project execution developed under quality criteria and customer satisfaction.

Together we have deepened our creativity and the development of innovation programmes applied to the multiple expressions of culture

— 30 years of creativity

Bespoke Creative Production

In museum production, no two projects are ever the same. However, thanks to our vast pool of experience and our constantly evolving working practices, we have established a creative production based on guaranteed quality. We care about the satisfaction of our clients. We alternate traditional production systems and materials with other systems that encourage technological innovation and the use of state-of-the-art materials for the "fit-out" or furnishing of museums.

Continuous innovation

Since our beginnings, more than 30 years ago, we have been working in depth on creativity, on the development of innovation programmes and on management, applied to the multiple expressions of culture. A clear commitment to R&D&I has allowed us to develop systems, processes and technologies that we apply to both the development and production phases. We have a complete portfolio of manufacturing and integration techniques: Solid Surface, resin, wood, textile, etc. .... We can carry out the entire process or act at any stage required.

Taller de carpintería con experiencia en la fabricación de productos a medida para los sectores de promoción, cultura y ocio.

En nuestra área de premontaje, todos los posibles probelmas de ensamblaje se resuelven antes de que la estructura llegue a su destino final.

Nuestra cabina de pintura tiene las mejores características para un repintado de calidad.

CNC de 5 ejes para cortar y fresar varios materiales (plásticos, maderas, resinas...) 

Fabricamos una amplia gama de productos metálicos (acero al carbono, acero galvanizado, aluminio, etc.) desde estructuras ligeras hasta productos de metal fino.

Integramos cualquier técnica gráfica (por ejemplo digital, serigrafía, estarcido, grabado, grabado láser, etc.) en diferentes materiales.

Trabajamos con diferentes tipos de Solid Surface mediante termoformado, un material con gran proyección en el diseño de interiores y exteriores.

Fabricamos modelos, prototipos, maquetas en resina o mediante impresión 3D con un alto grado de precisión.

Gestionamos proyectos de producción audiovisual con fines culturales, promocionales y de ocio.

Somos expertos en proporcionar simulaciones realistas con diferentes tipos de resina.

Podemos recrear cualquier material o efecto para la pintura de escenografía (Trompe l'oil, simulación de materiales, envejecimiento).

Diseñamos y fabricamos interactivos mecánicos (en la empresa) y digitales (socios a largo plazo).

Production of museographic supports

Museographic supports improve the user experience, strengthen knowledge and help to generate a positive impact on the spectator. At Proasur we have extensive technical experience and are committed to R&D&I to offer innovative museographic solutions for Museums, Cultural Centres and Interpretation Centres.

Museum scenography is a very useful tool that helps museums to transmit what they want to communicate.

A good museographic scenography based on visual impact helps to anchor any information in the memory and to have a direct impact on the value of the visitor's experience.

Since our origins in 1992, we have developed numerous projects in the field of museum scenography, creating unique immersive experiences.

We use different materials and technologies to create models of any size with a high degree of precision and realism. We make prototypes and models in resin or 3D printing to bring any design to life, creating direct communication with our clients.

Our know-how in the assembly of museum content allows us to offer high added value solutions. More than 1500 national and international projects are our guarantee. 

For the installation and assembly of a museum or interpretation centre to be a success, it is not only necessary to have the necessary specialised technology. Our highly qualified staff and our ability to offer our clients tailor-made solutions have enabled us to position ourselves as leaders and benchmarks in the assembly and disassembly of museums and interpretation centres.

Our pre-assembly area is of great importance for certain projects. It allows us to pre-assemble installations and structures before installing them definitively in the final space, to assemble prototypes, to test scenographies and to carry out product design tests. This space allows us to guarantee the quality of the product, the optimum assembly systems and even allows the client to see it before final assembly.

We have a space of 3,000 m2 for the storage of our customers' materials, as well as a logistics area for the preparation of shipments and dispatches.

We design and manufacture our packaging, aimed at protecting each item that we have previously produced. 

Each packaging is personalised and made to measure so that its content is not affected during transport and arrives unaltered at its final destination.

We develop the different phases of the creation of a museum or interpretation centre or museum project by establishing a direct dialogue with the client. That is why we invite you to contact us and you will be surprised at what we can do for you.

Interior del Centro de Visitantes de Posada de Valdeón desarrollado por Proasur, destacando la excelencia en museografía para explorar la naturaleza de los Picos de Europa.

Posada de Valdeón Visitor Centre

WoW Porto Region Across The Ages

Victorio & Lucchino Museum

Salinas del Carmen Museum

Museum of the urban history of Avilés