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WoW Porto Region
Across The Ages





WoW Porto Region Across The Ages

WOW Porto (World of Wine) is a new tourist and cultural district located in Vila Nova de Gaia (Portugal). It is the dream of Adrian Bridge, one of the city's most important entrepreneurs, who has been working for eight years on this project, which required the transformation of the neighbourhood where many of the wineries that gave rise to Port wine were located and which still retain their original architectural elements.

The more than 35,000 square metre area houses exhibition space, shops, bars, restaurants and six experiential museums that represent an educational and attractive journey for all cities.
Among them, the Porto Region Across Ages Museum (PRATA) traces the history of the city with a discovery room.
In addition to the Prata Experience, from Proasur we have participated, together with our colleagues from Gema Digital, in two other experiential museums of WOW Porto: the Cork Experience and the Chocolate Experience.

You can also take a look at the mechanical interactives and the integration of audio-visuals that Proasur developed for WOW Porto.

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