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Argan Museum

Morocco is known for the cultivation of argan, whose scientific name is Argania spinosa. It is endemic to the country and only grows in the Arganeraie Biosphere Reserve (declared as such in 1998 by UNESCO) in southwest Morocco, which covers 2 568 780 hectares and includes cities such as Essaoira and Agadir. At the heart of the reserve are the Souss-Massa National Park and other ecological points of interest. In November 2014, the argan tree and its techniques, knowledge and practices were recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Argan Museum is located in the tourist resort of Taghazout Bay, Agadir. An initiative promoted by the Argan Cooperative and SAPST (Society for the Management and Promotion of the Taghazout Tourist Resort) which is dedicated to the management, development, marketing and administration of the eco-tourist area of Taghazout Bay and at the same time, it is an enhancement of the value of the argan that encourages the improvement of the productivity of the cooperatives in the area.

The museum has different areas in the exhibition, discovering in each of them surprising scenarios that combine elements of scenography, graphics, multimedia technology and others, all developed by Proasur.

Proasur has carried out the production and assembly of this innovative, technologically advanced and aesthetically avant-garde museum, in which visitors play an active and interactive role and where it is possible to take a journey into the fantastic world of the argan tree, to discover and experience all its uniqueness and magic.


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