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Museum operations, management and support services

Management of cultural facilities

At Proasur we promote and design cultural and leisure management projects in any field, public, private or mixed, moving towards sustainable models, valuing heritage and generating experiences, thanks to the great team of professionals and collaborators that we have.

— Project Design and Promotion

Management and dynamization of cultural spaces

We provide dynamism and support throughout the development and dissemination process, bringing society into contact with culture.

Management of human resources and training

We manage human resources and propose the most suitable team, offering specific training adapted to the needs of each project.

We develop global strategies, from the conceptualisation of the plan to its materialisation, focusing on online and offline communication but without forgetting the street marketing strategy.

Selection and training of personnel

Organisation of teams

Design of guided and thematic visits

Actions for the dissemination of cultural and leisure spaces

— Wide offer

Didactic and educational activities

We develop recreational-educational programmes related to education and cultural dissemination, aimed at all potential users.

— Product Optimization

Audience study and analysis

We optimise the cultural offer of any action or facility, identifying the profile of users and ensuring their satisfaction.

Information and advisory services for cultural venues

Cultural consultancy

Proasur provides information and consultancy services on issues related to culture for museums and cultural centres. We are aware of the technological change in which we are immersed and we try to offer integral solutions for the adaptation of cultural centres to the needs and demands of the users, through a cultural consultancy service.

Cultural consultancy and advice

We create programmes of activities to offer to visitors We analyse the budget and requirements of each centre and create a programme of basic activities to offer visitors in which everything acquires a meaning.

— We stand for Innovation

We offer innovative experiential activities

We respect the objectives and mission of the centre, based on the results obtained from previous studies. It is highly recommended to offer a series of more specific and special activities that make the centre more attractive and unique. At Proasur we closely monitor all our projects in order to be able to evaluate the changes and how the objectives are being achieved. For this purpose, tools are developed to measure the results, from which we can analyse the actions

Museum management and Support services at La Casa del Lobo Interpretation Centre