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C.I. Cogersa

Proasur is a company committed to the environment and sustainable waste management. In collaboration with COGERSA, it has developed the restyling of the Waste Interpretation Centre (CIR), an educational and informative space that, throughout its more than 1000 m2 of surface area, promotes awareness of correct waste management, sustainable development and circular economy to visitors of all ages. The Waste Interpretation Centre (CIR) offers an educational tour consisting of 14 different areas. It displays different scenographies, graphics, screens, models, models and miniature reproductions, audio-visuals and interactive games.

Proasur won in 2023 under public tender to update this centre, inaugurated in 2007.

At Proasur we adapt to the needs and objectives of each project, offering customised and tailor-made solutions. Thus, in the updated version of the Waste Interpretation Centre (CIR), the architectural areas are maintained, but the contents are updated, as well as the way of transmitting and communicating the important message it offers to society.

In engineering, control systems are used to maintain certain process variables within desired operating limits. In this sense, the Proasur technical team has developed a series of remarkable actions for the Cogersa Waste Interpretation Center (CIR):

  • For the on and off control, a single system based on the DMX protocol is used.
  • For On/Off switching on and off, DMX to relay interfaces are used.
  • The main control is made up of a Slesa-U11 which has programs for various scenes depending on each of the possible uses of the center.
  • A Wifi Mesh is created to provide a Wi-Fi network to the entire center and the Slesa is connected to said network.
  • At the same time, the “Arcolis remote pro” software is configured in a mobile terminal and it connects to the Wi-Fi giving access to the scenes remotely.

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