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Europa Experience. Logo del Parlamento Europeo.

Europa Experience

The collaboration between the Spanish companies Proasur and Nunsys, have signed as 1st Ranked contractor by the European Parliament, for the supply of fittings, hardware, consumables and IT services (including their assembly and installation) for the multimedia spaces Europa Experience and of other European Parliaments visitors facilities. The contract will run for up to 4 years. 

Europa Experience

The European Parliament’s Europa Experience are interactive spaces already existing in ten European capitals (including Paris and Brussels) and it is planned to have an interactive space in each Member State by 2025.

Europa Experiences are designed to introduce visitors to the EU through exhibitions, which combine innovative design and fit-outs with state-of-the-art media technology as well as interactive features. Europa Experience interactive spaces explain the role of EU actors, how the institutions work in practice, how citizens can shape Union politics and the benefits of the EU to their everyday lives.

Some of the interactive activities that can be found at these multimedia spaces are:

  • Interactive exhibitions on the European Union and its institutions
  • Educational games and activities for children and adults, including a role play game to learn how European Union laws are made
  • Augmented reality experience to discover what we EU citizens have achieved together
  • Talks and events on European issues.

In addition, the European Parliament has a visitors’ centre, called Parlamentarium. Located in Brussels, Parlamentarium offers a free and interactive experience, providing information in any of the European Union’s 24 official languages. Furthermore, it is the largest parliamentary visitors’ centre in Europe and the second largest in the world.

With this contract, Proasur, a Spanish company from Asturias that began its journey at the Universal Exposition of Seville 92, consolidates its presence in the field of engineering and cultural production at an international level. Since 2016, Proasur has developed iconic projects in countries such as Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, Egypt, Oman and Morocco, as well as in various European Union countries. In fact, this type of international projects represent more than 60% of its turnover.

The company Proasur has been awarded the contract, together with Nunsys, to participate in the development of Europa Experience.

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