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Sculptural Element "Football Player" Marineda City Shopping Mall


MERLIN RETAIL S.L.U (CC Marineda City )



Sculptural Element "Football Player" Marineda City Shopping Mall

Proasur has made the production and assembly of this sculptural element dedicated to the sport of 4.70 m high and a total weight of 360 kg.

This spectacular sculpture, installed in the access atrium to the new sports shopping area of the "Marineda City" shopping centre in A Coruña, is made with 3,960 tennis balls, 1,900 ml. of cable, 397 vertical lines, 3,400 spacers and our Know-How

Given the complexity of the project, carrying out tests and trials on a real scale in the pre-assembly area of the Proasur space was a determining factor in the success achieved.

This allowed us to optimise time management systems, establishing a direct dialogue with the client in a controlled environment before final assembly.

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