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"La Lucha por la Vida"
Scenic Production





"La Lucha por la Vida" Scenic Production

Proasur team provided the technical development and production services for the scenic production of "La Lucha por la Vida" at Bilbao's Arriaga Theatre.

Teatro Arriaga, in co-production with the Teatro Español, presented "La lucha por la vida" by Pío Baroja under a faithful adaptation to the author (and loyal to Baroja's work) by the playwright José Ramón Fernández and directed by Ramón Barea.

From the technical point of view, the main difficulty of the project consisted of achieving a realistic set design that would satisfy all the needs of the staging, in a tight time frame.

The scenography, simple in appearance, contained on the walls several systems of guides for the movement of the actors on the backstage, which formed the corbels and grilles. All of this was fitted into a reduced space, which had to be studied to the millimetre to avoid interference between the mechanisms.

"La lucha por la vida" at the Arriaga Theatre was a great success thanks to all the parties involved, both critics and public.

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