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Entrada Principal Jardín de Aclimatación de la Orotava.

The Botanical Garden of Tenerife

The Tenerife Botanical Garden is also known as the La Orotava Acclimatization Garden. It is located north of Tenerife, in the municipality of La Orotava. It was founded by Carlos III in 1788, with the aim of gathering exotic plants from the (at that time called the “New World”), for their subsequent transfer to the royal gardens of Madrid and Aranjuez.

The idea that this space would serve as a botanical acclimatization center for species to later relocate them to the Iberian Peninsula did not have the expected success, given the climatic differences between Tenerife and the peninsula.

However, the La Orotava Acclimatization Garden perpetuated the conservation of these living collections to this day and, along with a very important selection of native species, it is a key space for the preservation of native Canarian flora and offers in its more than 20,000 m² a unique opportunity in Europe to admire impressive tropical and subtropical specimens.

The Visitor Center of the Orotava Acclimatization Garden

The Orotava Acclimatization Garden is currently in full development of a new visitor center run by the company Tragsatec.

This project consists of providing the center, already built, with exhibition and informative elements. Under the motto “The secret life of plants”, its main objectives are to raise public awareness about the plant world and become a reference scientific space, where sculptures and artistic montages facilitate the interaction of visitors.

The Proasur company has been awarded, under a public tender, to develop the sculptural elements, the museographic furniture and the supply and assembly of the lighting equipment that will make up the museographic project of this Visitor Center.

Proasur, a benchmark for biodiversity museographic projects

In its more than thirty years, Proasur has extensive experience in design, theming and cultural production projects linked to environmental heritage, both nationally and internationally.

Some examples are the “Las Montañas del Quebrantahuesos” Center located at the foot of the Western Massif of Picos de Europa, La Casa del Lobo in Belmonte de Miranda, the Somiedo Park Interpretation Center, the Nature Interpretation Center of the Natural Park de Redes, or the Natural History Museum of the Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Center of Kuwait.

In addition, Proasur is currently developing projects related to biodiversity in Strasbourg and Oman.

These spaces are very important for society, because they contribute to awareness, education, conservation, research and preservation of natural and cultural heritage, promoting appreciation and respect for our natural environment.

The company Proasur has been awarded a company through a public tender to participate in the development of the new visitor center for the La Orotava Acclimatization Garden. This center will allow visitors to learn about the history and biodiversity of the garden, and aims to become a reference scientific enclave. In addition, the Jardín de la Orotava visitor center will be an important tourist resource for the region, which will contribute to the economic and social development of the area.

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